* Focus on the Vertical

When something goes wrong, most of us want to focus on what’s right beside us and the things we can see and understand. Unfortunately, that’s not always the best place to look especially when you’re dealing with a diagnosis like cancer or some other life altering occurrence. What’s happening can literally take our breath away and we go into survival mode. How in the world can we deal with something if we can’t even comprehend it or believe that it’s happening to us?

Oh, my friend, I have an answer! Look up and find God. Focus on the vertical and let the horizontal be for now. I don’t share often enough how much my faith has been such an important part of my recovery. Many times, I panic and wonder how in the world I am going to deal with the newest health development or lately with the heart wrenching crises some of my friends have been going through. Then I remember; I don’t have to do it alone.

While I was attending a summer church camp with my youngest son, a speaker shared these words of advice and they are as timely now as they were then. “Focus on the vertical (God), make it internal and then spread it to the horizontal.” In plain words that means to focus on and put your trust in God, make Him a part of your heart and life and then you can deal with what’s going on in the horizontal. I figure if God could send His only son Jesus to Earth knowing that he would die a horrible death on the cross, then He’s also going to care about and help me face whatever comes my way. I find great comfort in that, even on my toughest days.

Look up my friend; look up.

Blessings, Cindy J

5 thoughts on “* Focus on the Vertical

  1. Each day I look up. I acknowledge that without His help each day would be so difficult. He helps me deal with the horizontal. It is too much to do alone.


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