* What’s In Your Toolbox?

When a construction worker heads out to a job site, they always carry their toolbox with them because they never know what situation might arise and what tool they may need to fix the problem. In short, they are prepared for the task at hand. Wouldn’t it be nice in life if we had a toolbox full of what we need that could take care of everything we encounter? If we could pull out just the right actions or words to help us through each circumstance?

Here’s a challenge for you, start filling your toolbox with things that will help you get through life. The most important thing we can carry in our toolbox is God’s Word. Even if that was the only tool you had, I promise there is advice in the Bible to deal with every circumstance you might come across. Trusting in Jesus and letting His words speak to you in your daily life is the most powerful tool you can possess.

Another tool you might consider is surrounding yourself with people who truly care about you. There are lots of people we see at work, church, our neighborhood and even our family sometimes who know us but don’t take the time to be a part of our lives. You can change that. Get to know people better and spend time with them. It helps you want to be there for them in times of need and in turn, they are there for you.

Lastly, take time to care for yourself daily. Pray, meditate, practice yoga, go for a walk; whatever it is, just spend some time unwinding and letting go. Do something that brings you joy! Preparing yourself mentally will help you be ready for the challenges you will face.

A good toolbox is all about organizing the right tools. Get your toolbox out today, examine it and then fill it with the things you need for the life you live. Remember to be prepared for emergencies, for they will come, and understand that the better we plan, the more we are able to deal with our problems. So, what will you put in your toolbox?

Blessings, Cindy J

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