* My Thumbprint


My thumbprint…at first glance, a small insignificant smudge on the surface. But it is MY thumbprint and unique in its’ design. No one else can ever leave a thumbprint like mine. Do I have a responsibility for the thumbprints I leave on the people I encounter or the places I go in my lifetime? Or I am just gathering their thumbprints and not giving back? How can I help people see what lies beneath that small, smudge and make my thumbprint count? 

I can share my love of words and literacy by continuing to share the joy of reading with children in my community as I did when I was working as an elementary school librarian. I can teach others to cherish the power of words and understand how these words influence lives. I can help them understand that they have a story to share because of their life experiences. My thumbprint can be significant in the world because I can help people see how to leave their own thumbprints.  I must guard my uniqueness as I gather the thumbprints of others and through my own thumbprint encourage others to embrace theirs.

Blessings, Cindy J

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