* Pruning

In order to help them be their very best, trees, bushes and flowers need to be pruned. I have agonized so many times over whether or not to prune a plant wondering if it was the right time of year, how much I should cut back or even sometimes whether or not I should just leave it alone. However, when I read all the gardening manuals and listen to what the experts say, the answer is clear. You must prune to make the most of your plants beauty and to stimulate growth.

After I have found the appropriate time and cut back much more than I ever thought necessary, I am always amazed and pleased with the results. The following year the plant comes back stronger, fuller and more beautiful than before. I am always glad I took the time to care for the plant and loved it enough to prune away the dead branches and unruly growth. The plant always ends up looking better than ever and is ready for new growth.

The whole concept of pruning started me thinking about how God can use circumstances in our lives to do a little pruning Himself.  Having been through the ins and outs of cancer treatment, I discovered that there were things in my life that needing cutting away along with the cancer that was growing in my body. God helped me to see that all those little things I spent so much time worrying about didn’t really matter. All the “stuff” I thought I needed didn’t really matter, either. What about my timelines, schedule and to do list? Nope! All of that was gently pruned away and I was left with what really mattered; my relationship with Him and the people in my life.

I’ve made it through this time of trial and hardship. By allowing God to use my circumstances and prune away the unnecessary things in my life, I am now stronger, happier and more focused on the true joys of life. I could have let all those things stay, bogging down my life and making me become bitter and angry about my disease but I didn’t. I chose to open up to the things God wanted to teach me and let his healing hand prune away the dead branches. I feel like my plants; I am better than ever and ready for whatever new God has in store for my life.

Blessings, Cindy J

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