* Healing Waters

When I was a little girl, our family used to go to the beach every summer for vacation. I remember one particular summer when my brother had a severe case of poison ivy. My Mama was concerned about him being able to get in the ocean. The doctor told her not to worry, that the salt water would actually be good for his sores and would help to heal them. Over the years I have returned to the ocean many times for a bit of healing myself. There’s just something about the ocean that is therapeutic. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand between my toes, or the salty sea air that I crave. All is know is that when I step out into the water I feel at peace and the healing begins.

Most people like to go to the beach in the summer when it’s warm but I will take a trip to the seaside no matter the season. Just even thinking about a visit makes me happy. When I walk over the sand dunes (I live on the southeast coast) and catch that first glimpse of the ocean waves, my heart is restored. It only takes a few minutes of walking along the shore for my breathing to slow down and my mind to clear. It’s where I have my best conversations with God. Yes, these waters are healing.

During the time I was so sick when going through my cancer treatments, I thought I had to keep the same pace with my work and life. I felt like by doing all my normal, everyday routines that it would help me feel better. What it did was completely wear me out. How I wish I had taken the time for a little healing. It took much longer for my body to recover because I did not compensate for what was happening and slow down a little. This is just one of the many life lessons cancer taught me.

My advice to anyone going through a life changing event whether it be a sickness, loss of a loved one or change in your circumstances for whatever reason, is to take some time away to heal both physically and mentally. The soothing, healing waters of the ocean give me the calm and strength I need. So, take some time for yourself, find your special place and start the process of healing.

Blessings, Cindy J







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