* List Maker

I like to make lists. Making a list keeps me organized and helps to give me a sense of control. It is important for me to know what I have to do, be able to complete it and then check if off my list. List making keeps me grounded and focused. It keeps my life from becoming chaotic.  Now that I’m getting older, it helps me remember things!

It’s a good thing to organize and make plans. When I was working, my lists contained tasks that needed to be completed daily, weekly and monthly. My lists kept work from becoming overwhelming.  Of course, I also had a list of things to do at home and with my children. It took a lot of work to balance these two lists. Now that I am retired, I still have the list of things to do at home like household chores, errands, etc. but just not with the same sense of urgency. I have replaced my work to do list with projects I want to complete at home and in the community.  I also have a list of things I’d like to write about. So as you can see, I’ve spent a lifetime making lists.

During my yearlong battle with breast cancer, my to do lists had to be put on the back burner. It was all I could do most of the time just to survive a day. Between doctor appointments, treatment schedules, exhaustion and trying to work full time, I did not have the energy to make lists. All I wanted to do was get through the day and pray that I’d be strong enough to handle the next day. What I learned is that sometimes we have to deviate from the list and just let things be what they are. That is not easy for me to do or admit because I am not typically a go with the flow kind of girl. My lists are kind of like my security blanket.

These days I’m trying to let go a little more, have some fun and be spontaneous from time to time. Oh don’t worry, I still make my lists but if I don’t finish them today then I’ll accomplish that task on another day. If a friend wants to go to lunch, an unexpected trip comes up or a family member calls just to chat, I have learned to set aside my list and spend time with them. Yep, I’ve learned you can always add one more thing to your list, and from time to time it’s kind of fun not to have one.  So, go ahead and make your list but don’t forget to enjoy each day and the treasures it brings even if they’re not on your list!

Blessings, Cindy J

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