* Love Like Maggie

I have a 75-pound golden retriever named Maggie. She was my “empty nest” dog when my youngest son left for college. The day my husband, sons and I went to pick out our puppy, I stepped out of the truck and this one little fur ball came running towards me. All of the rest of her litter mates were too busy playing but she made the effort to seek me out and greet me. It was like she was saying, “Pick me!” And I did. From that day to this, my Maggie girl has never let me down. She loves me with 100% devotion; never judging or complaining.

Maggie has always been able to sense my needs. As my chemotherapy treatments progressed, the bone pain in my legs became quite unbearable at times. One day when I was lying on the couch crying, she crawled up on the couch beside me and laid directly on my aching legs. The heat from her body gave me some much needed relief. She patiently stayed there until my pain subsided. It brought me great comfort both physically and mentally to have her there.

She’s 13 years old now and her hip joints and legs are failing. I cry out when she falls, also feeling her pain. I go to her and sit with her while she composes herself enough to try again. She looks up at me with those soulful brown eyes and no words are needed.  I assure her that we’re in this together and that I won’t leave her. She was there for me and I will be here for her.

If I had to describe Maggie in just a few words I would say she is a true and faithful friend. She loves with her all. I wish for you to have someone that “loves like Maggie”.

Blessings, Cindy J

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