* A Ten Year Journey

It was ten years ago on this day, March 23, 2010 that I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my body following six months of chemotherapy. To commemorate this milestone, I’d like to share a poem I wrote that describes my journey. I have found peace and healing. I pray whatever journey you may be on, you find a place of peace as well.



by Cindy D. Jennings


Salty tears in salty water

Washing away the pain.


Tumbling in the waves, trying to stand

Being knocked down again and again.


Ebb and flow,

Ebb and flow.


Emerging from the ocean

Whole again; healed.


4 thoughts on “* A Ten Year Journey

  1. I love you my brave, dear friend. You’ve been through so much and are still so strong. You always amaze me!


    1. I think you’re pretty awesome as well! We’ve both had our share of life changing issues but we’re both still going strong. Faith and friendship are the key! Love you too!

      On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 2:49 PM Footprints of Hope wrote:



  2. Surprised it’s been 10’yrars. So happy for you Cindy. May each year bring good news as the last 10 have brought you. Love you, Lisa


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