* In Charge of the World

I used to be in charge of the world; at least that’s the way I acted sometimes. But when I was diagnosed with cancer, I decided that I needed to quit.  I gave up the job and what a relief it has been. Cancer helped me to understand that I could just let God be in control. He’s a lot better at it than I ever was so why did it take me so long to realize that fact? Yet, I really do already know the answer; it is about trust.

If I’m in charge, then I know things will be done the right way, which of course is my way. I don’t have to worry about people letting me down. If I don’t let them do something then they won’t back out on me at the last minute or fail to take care of the details I think are needed to complete a task. What I have learned is that everything really will get done and as my oldest son once told me, “my right way is not always the best right way”. He figures things out a lot quicker than his Mom.

I also finally realized that this is not realistic. No one can bear the burden of being in charge all the time. It is unsustainable and frankly exhausting. When I was sick, other people took care of things for me at work, they helped me out at home, brought dinner to my husband and me; all in an effort to help me rest and heal. Once I was better, I did not want to take on that burden all by myself again. There truly is strength in numbers!

I’m much happier now that I don’t carry the burden of the world on my shoulders. I can relax and enjoy things a little more. I have to admit that sometimes I want to slip back into old habits but God quickly reminds me that it is not my responsibility. He just wants me to love His people. So, I urge you today to trust others and give up the burdens that hinder you. Joy is waiting!

Blessings, Cindy J

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