* A Rainbow and a Promise: Scott’s Story

I had heard stories about Scott and what a great guy he was long before I ever met him. It wasn’t until both of us had been diagnosed with cancer that we actually met face to face.

Scott taught me how to live with dignity while enduring this disease and to get the most out of every minute life has to offer. He used to say, “either way I win.” If God allows me to stay here on Earth, then I get to spend more time with my family. If I don’t, then I get to be in heaven. Like he said, it was indeed a Win-Win situation.

After a long, hard fight, Scott died on Father’s Day 2010. He promised his family that somehow, he would let them know that he was okay and in a better place. Right after he died, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky and they all knew it was Scott saying, “I’m here in heaven and I’m at peace.” His family and friends continue to receive what Scott used to call “God winks” in the form of rainbows. It brings them comfort to know that he did indeed win.

I’d like to leave you with the prayer Scott shared with me as a help in dealing with my cancer diagnosis…

“Father, you’re the giver of days. Grant in mercy an extension for me. Again I ask – Lord may it be? I know your power. Stop this cancer, if you with your purpose for my life will to make that your pleasure. Amen.”

Rainbows are full of promises and each time I see one, I think of Scott and the prayer he had for me. I want to make Scott proud and pray that he sees I am faithfully trying to fulfill the purpose God has for my life. I promise.

Blessings, Cindy J


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