* A Bucket Full of Memories

When my boys were younger, we used to spend a week at the beach every summer with family. In fact, any time we could sneak away for a day at the beach was a special treat. One of their favorite things to do was gather seashells in their sand buckets. When I was in our storage building the other day, I found one of those old sand buckets and it was full of guess what; seashells! I started thinking about those shells in that bucket and what a bucket full of memories it contains.

Each one of those shells was lovingly chosen by one of my sons for some reason. There was always a “look at this one, Mom. It’s so big! Or isn’t this one a pretty color?” My youngest son always made us laugh because he used to call them “she shells”. Every single one of those shells is a memory of a day full of adventures. For me now, it is a memory of a mother-son bond we once shared. Now my sons are creating bonds with their wives, daughters and future children. The mama bond though remains forever in my heart.

Just like that bucket of seashells was collected, I encourage you to collect and make precious memories with the people you love. Those memories and the bonds of love you share will always be a part of what makes you the unique person you are. Now, get out your bucket, take along your favorite people and find some shells!

Blessings, Cindy J

2 thoughts on “* A Bucket Full of Memories

  1. Love this one! Reminds me of when my Mom would take us down to the beach at Myrtle and we would all look for sharks teeth….they seemed to be plentiful there. We would see who could find the biggest and the smallest and have contests! Whenever I now see a sharks tooth it reminds me of those times and how much fun we had.
    Just like your boys will remember you and collecting shells in those buckets. Love you Cindy!


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