* The Beauty of a Spider Web

My front porch is home to many, many spiders. I’m not sure why they like my porch so much, but they do! I can knock down their webs in the morning and by evening they’ve built them back again. They are persistent little creatures. I guess I have to admit that I do admire their tenacity as well as their handiwork. I often wonder how something so small can create such an intricate work of art.

One of my favorite webs is created by the black and yellow garden spider. Their web has the most unique crisscross pattern and when it is covered in the morning dew, well it is simply awe inspiring. Again I ask, how in the world do they know exactly how to weave that particular pattern? The answer is that it is other worldly. In short, it’s a God thing. It’s the way He created them to be in nature.

We can learn a lot from spiders. Obviously, they don’t give up easily and they make no apologies for building the webs that help them survive. Their web after all is how they snag their meals!  If we as humans had to work that hard to survive, I wonder how we would fare? Yet there are times when we do feel unsure of how we are going to make it to the next day. That’s when our inner strength and courage kick in. For me, that’s a strength that comes from my faith.

So, be like a spider. Work hard. Don’t give up when someone or something tears down your web. Press forward.  Create a thing of beauty with your life regardless of the odds you face. Get out there and build your web anyway.

Blessings, Cindy J

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