* Storms at Sea

Being out on a boat in the ocean can be one of the most peaceful, relaxing experiences you’ve ever encountered as long as the water is calm. Just the gentle rocking of the waves can soothe away your worries and make you forget about life on land. But what about when the storms come? That idyllic feeling can quickly change to worry and fear.

Most of us have faced those “storms at sea” in our personal lives. It seems like you’re going along and things are just fine when wham another issue presents itself and you’re in the midst of a storm. That’s kind of how I have felt about my health issues over the past few years. It seems every time my life takes a turn for the positive, another problem appears. Scar tissue, concerns about my eyes, abnormal blood work, etc.

Even though the seas of my life have been rocky at times, I have never fallen out of the boat. Sometimes I’m drenched by the waves but I’ve never drowned. I just hold on tight through prayer and staying focused on the promises of God found in his Word (the Bible). I know for certain that God is always right there with me in the storm. He even sends other people to sit with me in the boat during the storm. Does someone need you in their boat today?

Blessings, Cindy J

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