* Porch Time

In the south, porches are a part of our culture. No matter the season, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of coffee in the winter or sipping something sweet and cold as we rock in the summer, we love our porch time. I sit here on my own porch with my computer in my lap or my journal writing down my thoughts. Sometimes I am just quietly rocking in my chair, listening to the waterfall in my fish pond. It’s peaceful and I am content. I think you have to search for peace and take the time to let it happen. Maybe that’s why I love my porch time so much. It allows me the time to just sit, ponder and reflect.

My sweet “daughter-in-love” Mary Catherine has an affinity for porches and porch sitting as well. Check out her blog called “porchesandpillowfights.com”. She, like myself, enjoys a good cup of morning coffee while sharing time with her preschooler on their porch.

Many times my best thinking happens on the porch. As I sit and look out into my yard at the world God has created, I just can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratefulness. The key here is the sitting and being quiet, not an easy task for most of us. I will admit that I was not good at it until I retired but I wish now I had taken more time to just stop, sit and relax. As the weather begins turning warmer, I encourage you to make the effort for a little “porch time”.   Who knows what good thoughts you’ll think!

Blessings, Cindy J

2 thoughts on “* Porch Time

  1. Cindy, I just read your story on the CURE email I just got and I can’t believe how similar our stories are, so I had to write you. I love your poem and your blog which I just read. I was diagnosed on 12-11-2009, 57 yrs old, with Stage 2b triple negative breast cancer. Your poem really inspired me because I love the beach so much, as well. Be well and thank you!


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