* The Bottom of the Well

Let’s face it; we’ve all been there at the bottom of the well. Something or someone in our life has pushed us down. We’re broken and in despair. As we sit there, many times the only thing we can see is what’s at the bottom and we focus on the circumstance that put us there. We fail to notice that people are at the top, looking down and trying to figure out how to get us out. We don’t see the footholds placed along the side of the well that would give us a way to climb out. All we want to do is sit and muddle in our dilemma.

Many people facing a cancer diagnosis feel like they’ve been pushed down a well. There just seem to be an endless amount of negatives all pounding down on you at one time. It’s easy to sit there huddled up, thinking there is no way out.  I imagine that people who have faced COVID-19 felt this same way.

When we finally do look up, we can see the light. We see the people; we hear them talking. We notice they’ve thrown us a rope ladder to hang on to and all we have to do is climb. The next step is ours and ours alone. Stay at the bottom as long as you need to, then look up and start the process of climbing. Better yet, reach upward and hang onto someone’s hand for support.

Blessings, Cindy J

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