* Passwords

These days in our computer driven world, we need passwords for everything we do. There’s a password to sign into the computer. Then there’s one for every place you shop online. Of course, your email has a password and if you work from home, your work database has a password. There are generally rules about passwords like it has to be so many characters, include numbers and symbols, etc. Then just when you think you’ve got it all written down and figured out, somebody asks you to change your password. Oh, and it can’t be anything you’ve used before. Yikes!

If you’ve had any medical issues and you need to contact your doctor or look up test results, most physicians now have online portals where all your information is stored. It can be very helpful at times but frustrating at others when you just need to ask one simple question. It’s also a little unnerving to think that so many people have access to my personal health information in those databases.

What a blessing that there is one “safe and secure” place that will only require one password; ever. It’s God’s kingdom with the promise of eternal life in heaven. The password…JESUS. Always has been, always will be.

Blessings, Cindy J

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