* Super Hero Cindy

If I were a superhero, I would want my name to be “Book Girl”. Why? Because I feel there is great power in books. I have seen how the words found in books can change peoples’ lives; especially children. I would definitely wear a cape; a purple one with a gold lining. Inside the lining would have silhouettes of books on it. My power would be giving books to those who need them and helping children who struggle to read find the joy in words.

Everyone has at least one book or story they can relate to that sets them on the path to being a reader. I may not look like a superhero or wear a cape but for many years as an elementary school librarian I witnessed children whose lives were transformed by the power of reading. And just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I have to stop doing what I love most; sharing books! I’ve found a way by sponsoring a Little Free Library in a neighborhood full of children who don’t have regular access to books. I don’t wear a cape when I’m filling it up but I sure do feel powerful when I’m done. Guess what? You can be a superhero, too. Find your passion and go do it!

*NOTE:  Super Hero Cindy’s favorite book; the Bible. Now there’s a book that can transform lives!

Blessings, Cindy J

4 thoughts on “* Super Hero Cindy

  1. You do a super job of sharing the books you love with me and others.

    Glad you are feeling better and you’re back to writing.

    Keep it up, SUPER GIRL!




  2. You are definitely a superhero, Cindy!
    I too have a passion for books and as a child loved going to the library. It’s sad to know that kids are not growing up with the opportunity to nurture the love for books like they did when I was a child. Thank you for all of your many years as a librarian! Without a doubt you inspired many to find the love of reading. You are a hero for that and for many in the cancer community. Sending love and wellness your way!


    1. Yes, I was that little girl book nerd who thought going to the library was the biggest treat of all. Glad we share that love for reading. Keep the faith my friend and stay strong. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!


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