* Another Surgery

As I write this post, I am still recovering from yet another surgery I’ve had related to issues caused by my cancer treatments. It seems each time that the surgery gets a little more complicated and the recovery process is much longer. This particular time has been a doozy! I have always said that cancer is the gift that keeps on giving; at least for me it has been. Everything that was done to save my life (and don’t misunderstand me, I am so grateful for these lifesaving treatments) has also caused lasting damage to my body in other ways. This time the issues were caused by radiation. Post cancer life is not pretty.

I think back on all the surgeries I have been through since my initial cancer surgery and it is mind boggling. My body has been through a lot and yet each time, somehow, I have recovered. Not necessarily better than before but at least not dealing with the problem anymore. Will this be the last one? I certainly hope so but if not, I pray I’ll be able to gather the strength once more to handle it.

Do I go it alone? Absolutely not! My husband has become my chief cheerleader and caregiver. I have a wonderful group of friends & family that encourage and look out for me plus I have an amazing church family that prays like you wouldn’t believe. So, I’ll just keep staying the course until another surgery comes along or God gives me a completely new, healed body in heaven. Either way, I am one lucky girl.

Blessings, Cindy J

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