* Paying the Toll

If you travel at all, you are very familiar with paying tolls to use a certain road. Usually access to this road provides you with a more efficient way to get to your destination. In many places these days, you don’t even have to go through a toll booth. A camera takes a picture of your license plate as you enter the road and a few weeks later, you get the bill or you have an EZPass mounted to your cars’ front window and the toll is instantly paid. The point is, that either way, you have to pay the toll.

Life is very much like that as well. To get to where you want to be in life, there are tolls that must be paid from time to time. To qualify for the job you want, sometimes you have to go to college. To have a relationship with people, you may possibly have to compromise. In order to understand what wellness looks like, you might have to deal with sickness, either firsthand or through someone you love. To receive forgiveness, you have to say you’re sorry.

Let’s face it, no one likes to pay a toll!  So how do we make tolls work to our benefit? Accept that they are a part of life, pay them and move on.

Blessings, Cindy J

One thought on “* Paying the Toll

  1. and sometime those tolls teach you more than if we were just coasting through life.
    I love everything you write my friend! Lisa


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