* Kindred Spirit

I just finished reading Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel, Every Breath. In the story, two people fall in love because of their connection to a place in Sunset Beach, NC called Kindred Spirit. It’s a mailbox located on a remote part of the island where people can visit and write about things in their life such as a love story, regrets, grief, joy, etc. Once you’ve written a letter or note, you leave it in the Kindred Spirit mailbox for the next person who comes along to read. People write their stories and share them with complete strangers who in turn, leave their own story. I’ve actually been to the mailbox, written my own note and been touched by the words others have left behind. There’s just something about the honest sharing of your feelings that is very healing. Knowing that others have also made the long trek down the beach to the mailbox does indeed make you feel like a kindred spirit of sorts.

I think that’s one of the main reasons I started this blog. My physical healing from cancer was going quite well but the emotional healing seemed to be stuck somewhere between fear and worry. Writing has always been a good outlet for me (see my blog post titled Words) so I decided that if I could write about what was happening, then maybe I could let go of some of those feelings and use more of my energy in a positive way to heal. The other thing I knew I wanted to do was share my writing with other people touched by cancer. They are my kindred spirits and I knew they would understand what I was going through.

Whatever it is that is holding you back as we start this new year, I encourage you to find a Kindred Spirit to help lighten your load and keep you moving forward. Thanks for being mine.

Blessings, Cindy J

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