* Waiting

It seems this time of year we are all waiting for something to happen. Little kids are waiting for Christmas Eve when Santa comes. Grown-ups anticipate special holiday events like concerts and office parties. Everybody wants Christmas to be here right now! People who have been diagnosed with cancer play a different kind of waiting game. They wait for their next doctor appointment or the results of the latest medical tests. These events can create quite a bit of stress, especially during the holiday season. If you know someone going through a difficult illness, try and share an extra bit of cheer with them over the next few days.

Here’s how…go with them to a doctor’s appointment. Sit and wait with them; talk with them to take their mind off what may transpire in the doctor’s office. Offer to be the person everyone can call to get information about what’s going on with tests, procedures, appointments, etc. Even though they may want to talk to everyone, it can be overwhelming and mentally taxing to repeat information over and over again. Last and most important of all, help them have some fun! Do what you can to temporarily distract them from what is going on with their sickness, even if it is for only an hour or two. Be their friend and do normal things.

Yes, everyone is waiting for something this holiday season but it doesn’t have to be a worrisome time. Let it be a time of enjoyment and moments spent with family and friends. Celebrate the positive things in your life, not the things you can’t change right now. Rejoice and take time to enjoy the wait!

Blessings, Cindy J

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