* Peony – Temporary Beauty

It’s May. The flowers are starting to bloom; there’s color everywhere. New growth and greenery emerge out of the soil and onto tree limbs. Everything is growing once again and it’s beautiful. There’s one particular flower that out does them all this time year though. It’s the peony. Dead shoots from the peony bush stick up out of the ground all winter waiting to be cut back in early spring. Then the buds of new growth start to peek up out of the ground and almost seem to form leaves overnight. Finally, the flower buds start to take shape with their many layers curled tightly in a ball. These buds stay there a while until the sun and the temperature are just right and then they burst open into one of the most beautiful, intricate and colorful flowers I have ever seen. The catch is that you better enjoy this show of nature while you can for it is brief. All that watching, waiting and anticipating is short lived in spite of the special beauty it brings.

A peony plant blooms once a year and the blossoms only last about a week or two. Oh, but during that time it is simply amazing to behold! Does this thing of temporary beauty warrant our attention, time and care? Is the flower we see for such a short time worth it? Yes; yes, indeed it is. Although we know some things will only be with us for a season, the temporary joy and beauty they bring to us are worth everything we have invested in them. Temporary beauty is all around you, so don’t miss it. Enjoy your peony, whoever or whatever it may be, for tomorrow it may be gone.

Blessings, Cindy J

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