* Daughters-In-Love

Today’s post is dedicated to Mary Catherine and Hannah with all my love.

I have two sons so because of that I am blessed to have two daughters-in-laws. I call them my “daughters-in-love”. One of them shares my love for the written word and gardening. The other shares my love for music. Both of them share my love for the beach and most importantly for my two boys who of course are now grown men in their 30’s. Again, I feel very blessed that God put each of them together to create a family of their own. Now I’m sure you are thinking, what does this have to do with cancer? The answer is actually quite simple; they were my reason to fight.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my oldest son was starting out his career as an architect and my youngest was still in college preparing for a career as an educator. I was determined that because I had put so much love, time and energy into raising these two that I was not going to leave them without at least knowing who they would be spending the rest of their lives with. So, I decided that I was going to give this cancer fight everything I had because I did not want to miss their weddings. It was important for me to know that they were going to be okay and taken care of when I was no longer around. And let’s face it, what self-respecting Mom doesn’t want the chance to check out her future daughter-in-law!

In addition, I prayed that part of the package would also be grandchildren and indeed (for now) I have been blessed with two precious granddaughters. They call me Nana and it’s the sweetest name I’ve ever been called next to Mom. For them, I continue to do all that I can to stay healthy and strong.

If you are battling cancer, I encourage you to find your reason to fight. Focus on the thing that helps you to hang on when you just don’t think you can handle it another day. It may be a future event, person or goal that spurs you forward. Whatever it may be, just hang on and keep fighting.

Blessings, Cindy J

One thought on “* Daughters-In-Love

  1. Love this Cindy!
    I too am blessed with a wonderful “second family” that belongs to my husband. We are indeed lucky women!
    Much love to you. Lisa


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