* Kayak Adventures

My husband and I enjoy spending time out on the water in our kayaks. We like to paddle in creeks and small rivers where the water is smooth. There have been times however when we needed to maneuver through a larger body of water to get to our favorite spot. Sometimes these waters can be rough and I have to paddle a little harder but I know that eventually it will be worth it. The reward at the end is a quiet, calm place to spend time on our adventure. It makes me realize that at times I have to encounter some “rough waters” in my life to better appreciate the peaceful safety of each ordinary day. Even in the smooth waters there are floating logs and limbs that cause an occasional bump or snag.

Facing a life-threatening illness is like navigating through choppy, at times dangerous waters. I feel like I spent two years of my life in those waters and even after all the treatments and surgeries were over, there were still times when my life boat experienced a little turbulence. These rocky times have taught me though that I just need to hang on, paddle a little harder and ride the waves. Most of all I need to stay focused on the task at hand, getting to the calmer waters. The life application here is that when you encounter rough waters and the occasional bump, just keep on paddling.

Blessings, Cindy J

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