* September 11 Revisited

Ten years ago today, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I still vividly remember my doctor walking into the examining room, looking at me with concern and saying, “You have cancer and it’s not good”. Some memories never fade; just like the ones of the twin towers falling in New York. You see it.  You hear it.  You know it just happened but somehow it doesn’t seem real. I won’t lie; it has not been easy dealing with this disease. I try to be positive but there are still days when it is tough. So much has changed in my life and the life of our country since those fateful 9-11’s. I’m more cautious about my health but also more grateful for each new day. Our country has learned to be more vigilant and to realize we are not immune to attack from the outside.

Each of us has faced some type of challenge in our life. As Robin Roberts said, “Everybody’s got something”. Whatever your something is, my prayer today is that you can learn from that something and make a positive change in your life. Better yet, use it to make a positive change in someone else’s life as well.

Blessings, Cindy J

2 thoughts on “* September 11 Revisited

  1. Twenty-one years ago I heard those words, “you have cancer”. It was devastating but God is great and I am working hard to fulfill his plan for my life.


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