* Who’s Driving the Bus?

That’s a pretty appropriate question for this time of the year. Buses are finally going to get back on the road and school will start to return to a new normal schedule. I ask though, have you ever really thought about who’s driving the bus? I can tell you from my experience as an educator, a good bus driver is important. That bus ride to school can set a kid’s tone for the day. If an experienced, compassionate driver is not driving, then chaos breaks out. If something happens on the bus, the rest of the day is usually not a great one for that student. A good bus driver knows their students and can anticipate problems many times before they arise.

We all need guidance from time to time and it’s important to know who’s driving our bus! Do we pay attention to who we let sit in the driver’s seat or do we just let anyone influence our decisions? For those of us who have had to make life changing decisions about our health, it’s important to know that a competent physician is driving that bus. Actually, for just about any major decision we need to make sure that we have someone capable guiding us to make the right choice. I mean, would you buy a car from someone who doesn’t know anything about cars?

Over the years, there have been times when I let someone drive my bus who was not qualified and I ended up making decisions that were not right for me. I’m learning what I really knew all along, that God needs to be the primary bus driver and that He will send in the right driver at the right time. So I leave you with this thought today, who’s driving your bus?

Blessings, Cindy J

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