* What’s Your Super Power?

While shopping in a small coastal town the other day, I kept seeing all these signs like you find in touristy gift shops that listed various attributes as super powers. We all know that only super heroes have super powers, right? Spiderman does his web thing; Batman is the caped crusader and Superman has tremendous strength. Their goal, to use their special powers for the common good of mankind. Those signs got me to thinking though, do I have a super power? And I decided that I do, yes indeed I do.

Anyone who has ever given birth to a child knows that motherhood is a super power. Who else besides a Mom would go through nine months of carrying a baby, then labor and invest all that time and love in molding a person to give to the world? I have two grown self-sufficient sons to prove it! Yep, I’m pretty proud of that super power.

As a retired educator, I can definitely say that teaching is a super power! It takes a desire to want to be around students all day long, deal with the constraints of education these days and plan engaging lessons to help children learn. Every educator is a super hero in my book.

One super power I thank God for every day is that of being a cancer survivor and thriver. If you’ve been through cancer treatment and come out on the other side, that makes you a super hero. If you’re going through cancer treatment right now, you’re using all your super powers to get through this ordeal. One result of being a survivor is that I have become a writer and am sharing my thoughts with each of you. You see, super powers build on each other.

My very best super power is that of being a Christ follower. I mean the Bible says, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength”. He is the greatest super hero of all time and I’m grateful I belong to Him. The next time you start to think that you have nothing to contribute just remember, each of us has a super power. Use it for the good of mankind.

Blessings, Cindy J

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