* No Spirit of Fear

For you did not receive a spirit of fear that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. Romans 8:15 NIV

Just say the word “cancer” and you can see the fear in people’s eyes. They immediately look away or try to change the subject. It’s not a word anyone ever wants to hear when they are sitting in a doctor’s office. Cancer by nature brings with it a spirit of fear. I think it’s because people automatically associate the word with negative outcomes. Most of us really don’t want to have to face the things we fear, especially the things that are hard to cope with and understand.

Each of us has something we fear. In addition to cancer, I am also afraid of birds. Don’t ask me why but I can assure you that if a bird is anywhere in my vicinity, I am vigilant. Just watching and waiting to make sure it steers clear of me. That’s the way all of us are with the things we fear; we just don’t want to have to deal with them. What if there was a way we could overcome and conquer our fears? To know that we never have to face that fear alone ever again. Good news everyone, there is and it simply has to do with trust. It doesn’t mean the fear is not real or even that it will go away. It just means that there is help in dealing with it.

Now I certainly don’t trust birds. They appear out of nowhere and swoop down on unsuspecting victims. Neither do I trust the disease cancer. It comes along when you least expect it and causes you to be fearful. However, here’s what I do trust; God and His promise to watch over me. To take care of me no matter what comes along. When He is in charge of my life, He has promised that I will have no spirit of fear. That’s a promise I can accept and live with. I know He’s watching over me and protecting me each day whether it’s birds, cancer or anything else that crosses my path. No spirit of fear. He’s got this and on that I can trust.

Blessings, Cindy J

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